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Smart Made

Elegant Minds are a collective group of expert advisors with the aim of simplifying digital.

What makes EM different.


We are an extension of your team.

Trust and commitment towards our clients are core values that everyone at EM has instilled into their working DNA


We value evidence and facts.

We derive our expertise from our research backgrounds and believe that data is the key to building a winning digital strategy.


We are expert problem solvers.

Our key objective is to deliver tailor-made solutions and strategies which solve (not add to) your digital problems.

Tech that speaks your language.

Powerful digital tools let businesses collect valuable data and interact seamlessly to your customers digitally. 

However, your time shouldn’t be wasted installing databases or updating plugins. We are here to make sure that tech works for you. That is why we speak business first, tech second.

EM can help you develop digital strategies that work for you. We do this through a combination of research and experience. Through an initial investigation, we analyse your product holistically. We identify opportunities and openings to build a strategy that just works.  Our emphasis on data combined with a customer-centric approach ensures that that our strategies are creative and effective. 

EM can write beautiful code on a wide range of platforms. We can assist you in planning and creating your next website or application because a powerful, interactive design is not just about good aesthetics and presentation but also how it helps to achieve your business goals. We take this to the next step with constant optimisation as we identify unique opportunities that increase your Return on Investment.  

EM can create digital campaigns that bring the customer to you.We can help you use the internet as a marketing platform for your business. Be it devising online marketing campaigns, or securing higher rankings in different search engines such as Google, our team promises to create a winning online for you. 

EM can provide expert analysis of how this data can inform critical business decisions. We can collect, analyse and report data from multiple platforms, to ensure that web strategies and initiatives are on the right track. Far too many digital agencies hide behind meaningless numbers that don’t reflect reality, Elegant Minds just lets the facts speak for themselves. 


Our commitment and collaboration ensures our partnership exceeds expectations. 

We have crafted winning digital strategies for many businesses from the ground up. Our digital development initiatives have allowed businesses to attract many qualified visitors. We have led marketing campaigns that have improved sales. Our research and analytics have informed new perspectives.

12+ years of experience under our belt, give us the confidence to craft solutions to complement your business’ vision. 

Here at EM, we love building meaningful relationships.

We are based in Melbourne, Australia and are always up for a chat over a coffee (or two) so feel free to contact us using the form below.

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